Water lamp
v.1 2013 | v.2 2015
senoir designer | T B A


During the construction of Le St-Jude we started developing a design for a D.I.Y. feature lighting element that we could produce on a 3D printer for different projects. At the time we happened to be coordinating the plumbing for the three outdoor pools at the spa. Fascinated by the network of pipes it was natural to start thinking about trying to work with the form of water running through those pipes. Using a software designed for liquid effects in cinema, we modeled a series of plumbing pipes and simulated the virtual flow of water particles through those pipes. Eventually the structure of the pipes was made invisible, leaving only the shape of the water itself visible as it flowed. We selected a moment from the animation – a form that seemed like a viable candidate for the lamp - refining, and grooming the shape to accommodate an aircraft cable suspension system and a dimmable LED ribbon.

In the first iteration of the lamp (installed at Le Saint-Jude) we simplified the curved form, reducing the polygon count of the mesh surface to generate a faceted tube. The second iteration currently under development retains the complex, porous geometry of the initial model.

Version 1.0: +/- 12.5cm(W), +/- 12.5cm(H), +/-365cm(L)

Photography: T B A