exhibition model
Réinventons la ruelle | MAQ, Montréal
completed 2011
senior designer | T B A



Antiqued notions of front and back use need to be rethought and revised. As current zoning regulations reinforce this rupture, how can we massage the pre-existing private condition to reconcile public spaces placed at odds?
Decorating alleys and subsequently gardens and back facades in response will not actively establish a strong community. Have we lost the claim to our front face in a sea of legislated stasis? What insures a neighbourhood‘s vibrancy is not it’s state of aesthetic completeness but rather a constant state of change. Building is a process. The front and back must maintain a continuous and dynamic dialogue if a neighbourhood is going to grow as a whole.
The use of a space contributes to both the life and death of the structure; trends are witnessed through moments of accumulation and acts of attrition. The Un-house seeks to exam this dynamic relationship not as a barrier separating public from selectively public but as a porous entity that facilitates territorial mutations.

Images: T B A