TRSSL Amphitheater & Bandshell
competition entry 2010
design team, T B A


Situated at the intersection of the Saint Lawrence and Saint-Maurice rivers, sandwiched between the city’s historic center and future development, this project called for a 10 000 seat partially covered amphitheater, bandshell, and park intended to house a wide range of music series and annual performing arts events. Proposing a dialogue between a contemporary intervention and a site laden with history, we lifted the existing landscape to make room for the amphitheater. The elevated terrain became an abstract marquee, housing administrative offices and dressing rooms, as well as technical operations and equipment. Accessible via a retractable platform, the rooftop terrain provides a spectacular belvedere over the intersection of the two rivers. Underneath its chromed belly the topography now cascades down from the new public plaza, through the amphitheater, to the river boardwalk below. During the winter, the stage is transformed into a reception hall and small theatre, integrating the project year-round into the cultural landscape of Trois-Rivières.

Images: T B A